We encourage our students strongly to maintain the following disciplines:

  • To maintain regularity. Minimum 80% attendance throughout the session is compulsory. Otherwise the student will lose 5 marks in every subject which will definitely affect their grades.
  • To participate in the morning assembly every day.
  • To complete every project and assignment on time. There is 5 marks for project or assignment in every subject.
  • To take part in the classes spontaneously.
  • To submit homework regularly. There is 5 marks on home work in every subject. If they do not submit home works regularly. They will lose this 5 marks which will also affect their grades.
  • Practice teaching for senior students, which will develop their knowledge sharing skill as well as professional skill for future.
  • They must attend exams regularly. If it is not possible, they must bring application with their parent’s signature.
  • If they are late in school for three days in a month without valid reason they will be counted as absent for 1 day this will affect their grade in result card.
  • For misbehavior or negative attitude of students initially their parents will be informed. If the parents do not cooperate to rectify their child, the school Authority reserves the right to suspend that student.